Monday, 7 April 2008

Failed protest at Midan al-Tahrir

The planned protest at Tahrir square today was quite a disappointment. Besides the few foreigners, mostly journalists, that trickled in every now and then the protest was a no show. Of course there was enough state security police stationed there to give the impression that the country had been invaded and occupied. But they actually didn't have much to do, because no one turned up. Don't know whether the reason was simply because people just couldn't make it to the square since they'd all been arrested or locked up behind their syndicate gates, or whether there was a feeling of despair after the workers at Ghazl el-Mahalla had initially failed to carry out their strike, or whether the Khamaseen just kept everyone indoors. Whichever the case, it did leave one with a feeling of desperation and increased anger at the situation - especially with the police's intimidating show of force.

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