Monday, 27 June 2011

STOP Amer Group!

We are all too familiar with the construction giant 'Amer Group' and the monstrosities they create to haunt us forever - their Porto-horrors. At Porto Sokna, along the red sea, the construction company have made it a point to completely block any surrounding mountains from view. Instead of gazing into the beautiful mountainous landscape of the eastern desert you are forced to stare at these horrendous giant pink pyramids with thousands of rooms. They seem to have been intentionally built for that purpose - to overcome the landscape of the area and be completely out of harmony. There is no construction that could have been more unfit for a beautiful place by the sea, with prominent mountains. Simplicity, harmony, environment are terms that have no place in the vocabulary of 'Amer Group'. They identify more with butchery and destruction.

Their other disasters are their portos along the Mediterranean coast which go hand in hand with the rest of the butchery that has been ongoing there for the past decade. Again they have built huge constructions that are completely out of harmony with the nature of the sea and its surrounding landscape. Again, they have created eyesore after eyesore that harm our eyes, the environment and no doubt the Roman archaeological remains in the vicinity.

But they are not stopping there. Today, we learn that 'Amer group' will go ahead with two new projects - Porto Fayoum and Porto Pyramids

Quoted from the article:

Porto Pyramids, with capital worth 5 million Egyptian pounds ($838,900), will develop a 102,000 square-metre project including 240 residential villas near the Pyramids of Giza, the paper said.

The other Egyptian-based firm, called Porto Fayoum, with 10 million pounds of capital, plans to begin a resort on 2.7 million square metres in Fayoum, south of Cairo, by the end of 2011, according to al-Borsa.

Although it is unclear how close Porto Pyramids will actually be to the pyramids of Giza, the fact that they have a view of the pyramids is already too close. At the same time, I am sure many will share my sentiment that any more 'portos', no matter where they are located have no place in Egypt anymore. Building a monstrosity like these 'portos' anywhere near archaeological sites is a catastrophe that has to be stopped.

The same goes for Porto Fayoum where 'Amer Group' is planning to build one of its huge complexes on the northern shores of Lake Qarun, on top of a neolithic site! If this project goes ahead as planned, it will completely destroy the unique environment and landscape of this magnificent place and endanger its wildlife. It will also ruin the remains of Neolithic sites scattered along the shores of the lake and that were inhabited 9000 years ago. Excavations at these sites are still helping scholars piece together what Neolithic life in ancient Egypt was like and no other area in Egypt has as yet offered so much information.

Amer Group HAS to be stopped. Enough with these greedy, selfish businessmen who will stop at nothing to make money. They have no conscience, no regard for the landscape, the environment, nature, and definitely no appreciation of our cultural heritage which they are more than happy to destroy. The group has to be taken to court and tried for its crimes.

And finally, where is Zahi Hawass in all of this? The all so-divine Minister of Antiquities, who "cannot live without antiquities, and antiquities cannot live without him"? Oh sorry, he's busy trying out his new clothing line and seeing if it goes well with his hat. Or maybe he's busy chasing mummies - quite difficult tasks he has at hand. Or making new 'discoveries' or falsifying history or.....the list goes on. Of course our mini-mubarak of antiquities doesn't have time to save archaeological sites from destruction - he only has time to blab about how great he is and how he is gods gift to 'OUR' antiquities (not his) - something he always tends to forget.

These antiquities are MINE you Egyptian bastards!


NoUnI said...

There will be also a "PortoCairo" in the 1st settlement beside Mirage city. They really must be stopped

Anonymous said...

NO NO NO to this project!!!! STOP ruining Egypt's beautiful coasts

Giulia said...

I read somewhere that the Porto Fayoum project is not gonna happen. Phew.
Concerning Porto Pyramids, I believe they have to be stopped, but also that the area is already ruined by ugly and way too close constructions nearby.
I hate Porto Sukhna, the first time I saw it I was just so sad... Same feeling I had pretty much all around Hurgada, btw.

S. Gauch said...

As a member of the NGO fighting to stop Porto Fayoum, I can tell you that Porto Fayoum is NOT on hold. We all need to do all we can to stop it!

S. Gauch

Christine W said...

Forgot to put my name on my first comment!
So again.... "ARRETER DE MASSACRER CE MERVEILLEUX PAYS" If you want to build these horrible things go in the middle of any desert - far from Egypt!!!!!

MrK said...

Not to post too off-topic, but I was wondering if the Haplogroups of Tutankhamun and the other mummies have already been published? And if not, when will they be published? It has been a year, and nothing yet.

red rose said...

you are absolutely right
I don't know why this man isn't stopped till now?!!!